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Policies and Procedures

Ginnefer Wedding & Event Rentals LLC


Ginnefer Wedding & Event Rentals has created the following terms of rental to insure a memorable experience for all customers. Ginnefer’s reserves the right to change PRICES, PHOTOS, PROMOTIONS or CONTRACT TERMS at any time. Please check the site often. Once you make your Deposit NO REFUNDS… NO EXCEPTIONS!

1. Security deposit Ginnefer Wedding & Event Rentals requires a Deposit of 25% down towards the cost of the rented items. Some rental items require security deposits are refunded via CHECK REFUND within 7 business days following the event (do not count weekends and holidays). Pending the rented items are returned on time without “Loss” or “Damage”. However, if the replacement cost of the damaged or missing items is more than the security deposit, the client remains responsible to pay the remaining replacement cost.

If you reserve linens at Ginnefer’s within 2- 4 weeks of your Event your entire balance will be due. It will be sent via Square invoice to expedite your order.

All Adjustments to your order must be in writing via email. It must be emailed to Ginnefer’s as soon as possible. A minimum 15 business days prior to your event to be considered. Once we receive your written information, we have 5 business days to respond. A new invoice and contract will be sent to you reflecting the adjustments. If you cancel your event you will loose your Security Deposit and any payments towards your event.

*If you Do Not receive your security deposit via mail within 10 business days (not including the weekend and holidays) …. Please call the office to ensure your address was correct on your invoice and you have not moved. After that time frame NO Checks will be reissued. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Customer Agreement

Ginnefer’s requires every Client to complete Customer Information Form and return it to our office before your Event Date. We will send a few requests via email requesting missing paperwork. If the Client chooses NOT to Scan or Mail the required Customer Form. Ginnefer’s is NOT REQUIRED to move forward with your Event. IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR CUSTOMER AGREEMENT. Ginnefer’s


3. Credit Card

Regardless of the payment method, Ginnefer Wedding & Event Rentals REQUIRES the information of a major credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express) to be kept on file for the protection of Ginnefer’s property.

4. Reserving Linens

We provide all Clients with an Invoice via email. The Invoice is VALID for 5 Days for your DEPOSIT or it will be cancelled on 6th business day.

Reservations are highly recommended to be placed 8 - 12 months prior to the event date. If you plan to pay by credit card or debit card FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE 30 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. NO PERSONAL/BUSINESS CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED LATER THAN 30 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE EVENT. Any reservations made after the recommended period are subject to availability.

5. Color Change/ Order Change

Fabric COLOR CHANGES for IN STOCK COLORS must be made at least 30 Business Days Prior to the EVENT DATE.

6. Special Orders

SPECIAL ORDERS PLACED WITH GINNEFER’S REQUIRE ADVANCE PAYMENT. ONCE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED THE ORDER WILL BE PLACED. If placed within the 30 business day window, Ginnefer’s will cover the shipping costs. Any orders placed after the 30 business day window, the Client is responsible for the cost of shipping. Pricing will be provided in advance for either Express Shipping or Expedited Shipping. **SPECIAL ORDERS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE**

7. Event/ Venue Location: ******IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS SECTION**********

Please ensure that your rented site will allow at least 2-3 hrs. prior to your event for Ginnefer’s to setup. We are NOT responsible for moving tables or unstacking chairs. Please ensure that the site has all tables up and chairs pushed in to allow for a rapid setup. If they are not unstacked or setup your SECURITY DEPOSIT will NOT be refunded. Also, there may not be enough time allowed for Ginnefer’s to setup. Therefore, delaying your event. If Ginnefer’s does NOT have the amount of time outlined on your Invoice to SETUP, the Room your Security deposit will NOT be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We need to have the proper amount of Staff to complete each event in a timely manner. If the room is NOT available for Ginnefer’s to "Take Down" at the time on contract, we will retain your security deposit. We do multiple events during the weekend. Ginnefer’s team is on a schedule please take that in consideration at the end of your Event.

8. Cancellations/Invoice Adjustments

* If you CANCEL your event for any reason you will loose your Security Deposit and ALL payments towards your event. Security Deposits are NOT refundable and NOT Negotiable on CANCELLED EVENTS. It applies to all rental orders either expressed or implied. The Customer agrees that the fees retained upon cancellation are not penalties but are to compensate Ginnefer’s for administrative costs and potential loss of sales to Ginnefer’s for other clients requesting a reserved date.

If you require ADJUSTMENTS to your original invoice, please provide Ginnefer’s with a FINAL COUNT via EMAIL 30 business Days prior to your EVENT. If you Do Not Contact Ginnefer’s 30 Business Days before your EVENT "NO CHANGES will be ALLOWED” SPECIAL ORDER LINENS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. ANY reservation CANCELLED NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. Physical Condition of Linens

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to return the linens in the same condition that you received them, except for normal soiling. Normal soiling is food, beverages, and other consumable stains. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: red wine, grease, oil, wax, ink, holes, and or other unusual damage. Upon receipt of items it is your responsibility to inspect them and inform us of any damages prior to the event. Linens that are returned damaged are assumed to have been damage during the event.


You are responsible for the items listed on the order sheet or invoice from the time the linen or Luxury Furniture (Luxury Chairs & Tables) are set-up until the time the products are returned to a Ginnefer’s Representatives. You are responsible for counting the LINEN and inspecting all LUXURY FURNITURE (Luxury Chairs & Tables) upon delivery and prior to returning the products. If you choose not to count the LINEN and inspect all LUXURY FURNITURE (Luxury Chairs & Tables) you surrender the right to claim you were unaware. The same rule applies to miscellaneous items rented for your event. After this point, if the linen or miscellaneous items, or LUXURY FURNITURE are missing, lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstances, regardless of fault, you are responsible for replacing them.

The Luxury rentals are solely for the guest of honor not for all the guests and children to eat, sit or jump on. If anything is broken, ripped, cut, ink marks, wine stains, candle wax or anything that will cause the furniture to require repair or cleaning charges. A REPLACEMENT FEE will be charge against your deposit and credit card for the FULL VALUE/ COST of the item. **These are High End Luxury Furniture pieces and are very expensive to purchase. We ask that you refrain from eating or drinking anything such as: red wines, marinara sauce, oil-based dressings/candle waxs that may cause permanent stains on the furniture. The Clear Ghost table is not meant for anything very heavy to sit on top it could crack or chip. We require large entryways for these Luxury furniture rentals. These will not be delivered to home-based events. Strictly Event Halls, Hotels, Country Clubs where there are large doors, ramps and loading dock access. Certain pieces are too long and tall to fit in your standard elevator. These are heavy furniture pieces please tell us if the Venue has stairs leading to your function room. If it is not handicap accessible, we are not able to provide the furniture rental. The Luxury furniture is for INDOOR use only. We will not deliver to events if it is not indoors.

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